Happy Fathers Day Whatsapp Status, Greetings, Messages


Here are some really cute Happy Fathers Day Whatsapp Status which is to greet your dad on this june month.Some lovely Happy Fathers Day Status For Whatsapp to express your feelings and loveliness to the sweat and loving dad who is the one who have been with you since your birth and guided and polished you till the position you are in today.So whoever we all are today is only possible due to our daddy who worked day and night for us.

So its our duty to wish him and to be always with him in his happiness and in sorrows or downs.I would suggest all of you men and women to follow this post to ultimately greet your dad.As a son or daughter you know him very well so make sure to surprise him with these Fathers Day Whatsapp Messages and rich and attractive gifts according to his tastes and likes.I have been seeing recommendations in my email and that's how i ended up here.

Happy Fathers Day Whatsapp Status

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Aren't you excited to treat him today, yes you are like all the millions and billions who are prepared or are busy with the last minute preparations.These Whatsapp Status For Fathers Day could also be updated on your Facebook or Twitter account too as they really make sense.

  • Dad, you are the greatest man I know. Thank you for your unwavering support, for teaching me everything I know, and for loving me unconditionally.

  • FATHER, a person who is always ready to play catch; who holds your hand no matter how old you are; a father is a person who is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

  • Love your parents
    and treat them
    with loving care...
    For you will
    only know
    their value
    when you see
    their empty chair...
  • You?ve seen me laugh
    You?ve seen me cry
    And always you were there with me
    I may not have always said it
    thanks and I love you daddy.

  • My daddy can do anything; 
    He’s smart as smart can be. 
    I love to walk and hold his hand 
    To show he belongs to me. 
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  • A Father Is The Truest Friend We Have, 
    When Trials, Heavy And Sudden, Fall Upon Us; 
    When Adversity Takes The Place Of Prosperity; 
    When Friends Who Rejoice With Us In Our Sunshine, 
    Desert Us When Troubles Thicken Around Us, 
    Still Will She Cling To Us, And Endeavor By His 
    Kind Precepts And Counsels To Dissipate The Clouds 
    Of Darkness, And Cause Peace To Return To Our Hearts.

  • A dad is someone who
    wants to catch you before you fall
    but instead picks you up,
    brushes you off,
    and lets you try again.
    A dad is someone who
    holds you when you cry,
    scolds you when you break the rules,
    shines with pride when you succeed,
    and has faith in you even when you fail.

  • We Love Our Father, More Than Any Other
    He Takes Us In his Lap, We Cheer And Then Clap
    He Taught Us To Stand On Our Feet,
    There Are So Many Challenges To Meet,
    He Tells Us About Our Religion,
    Her Favorite Bird Is Pigeon,
    He Guides Us In Every Field Of Life,
    How To Take Spoon In Hand, How To Handle Knife,
    We Love Our Father, More Than Any Other!

Whatsapp Status For Fathers Day

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