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Hey buddy these are some Whatsapp Status For Memorial Day which will be on May 25th.Try out our Memorial Day Whatsapp Status which are really nice to be updated on your account.And talking about this event we all know its importance here in the United States of America due respect given to all men women and kids who died because of the wars which were fought years ago.So they are the martyrs who deserve to be praised and to be remembered.

Lot of years have passed away since the incidents but still we the Americans does visit them in their cemeteries and pay honor by lighting candles and decorating there with flowers and wrappers and saying prayers for their souls.These bunch of Happy Memorial Day Whatsapp Messages can be also used on sites like Facebook too where there is an option for a status update is present and the theme is notify others about this particular day and its importance as a true American.

Memorial Day Whatsapp Status

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Dear fellas do you know what awesome about this, well it is also a perfect suit to be shared with your neighbors friends and relatives or whoever you like because after all we are from the same nation.So i guess these Memorial Day Whatsapp Greetings Wishes are universally applicable.

  • My days filled with gloom as i stay locked up in my room
    You went away from us a long time ago but for me it seems
    like yesterday I’ll never forget ya dear.
    Only you could fill ma heart with joy and happiness.

  • Lying on the floor of broken dreams
    are lots o ladies who lost their hubbies
    But dear ones let me remind you one thing,
    the biggest asset the united states
    ever had were those men yes the gems of America.

  • Lot of Sun shines, Lot of Rains
    Lot of Breeze, Lot of Warmness
    Yes gone are those days when
    we were lucky to have you aside,
    I am proud of you ma dearest
    u played your role very well
    and the whole nation remembers ya today.
    love you lots.

  • The bravest are surely those
    who have the clearest vision of what is before them,
    glory and danger alike,
    and yet notwithstanding,
    go out to meet it.

  • I think that, as life is action and passion,
    it is required of a man that
    he should share the passion and action
    of his time at peril of being judged not to have lived.
    Happy Memorial Day dears.

  • It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle.
    It takes a hero to be one of those men
    who goes into battle.

  • I’m proud to be an American,
    where at least I know I’m free.
    And I won’t forget the men who made this possible,
    who gave that right to me.
    Salute You Martyrs you will be missed.

  • Our thoughts are always with those brave hearts who had passed away.
    And those who loved you the most Are thinking about you today.
    I can see them smiling at me from heaven.
    Couldn't control my emotion when i think about em.
    Thanks for saving us and and our country brave men,
    USA will miss you forever.

  • Peace will come when people live In friendship,
    side by side, And cherish understanding More than hatred,
    greed and pride. PEACE will come when people see All people as the same,
    And no one has to live in fear, In ignorance, or shame.
    But for us this calm today is a gift
    delivered to us by those men who walked
    this road long ago just to make a clean
    path for us.

Whatsapp Status For Memorial Day

Actually it was my colleagues who inspired me to come up with something unique for my audience like this so at last i thank them for the heads up.And i wish you all the very best with you family meet ups and get together which usually happens at this time of the year.And do promote my Memorial Day Whatsapp Status which would be appreciated as i am confident about that.