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You must be looking for Republic Day Speech for 26 January.Fortunately we have the best Republic Day Speech In English and Hindi.All Teachers Principals and Students or even officials can make use of these high quality Speech on republic Day which have been crafted very well and written in such a way that it is applicable in any occasion related to the day of Republic of India which indeed is a proud movement for all of us.It was in the one thousand and nineteen fifty that we were declared so as a nation and from then since now we have been celebrating it annually with parades and colors to show our respect to our nation.And talking about Republic Day Speech we have got couple of them firm and ready for all of you to implement them right away on different occasions in our country.It Doesn't matter who you are, all that matter is the communication and this article from us is intended to help you with that only and best of luck.

Republic Day Speech In English

Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening everyone.
Honorable dignitaries on the dice, we all are gathered here on the occasion of the Republic day which is observed all over in India on January 26th.When we talk about it we should have some thoughts unlike everyone else out there who simply gathered in the place just for an observance each one of us should take a minute to think about what was our country's condition during the 1940's.It was really a pathetic condition when we were overruled by the British Raj.Today we rise and shine goes to work comes back and lies down in our beds in peace and prosperity, we don't even spend a single second to memorize all the martyrs who had given their sole and life for the safety of this country and the people and for the upcoming generation which we are.

They oversaw the crisis that may cause the future generation and shed their lives for us.And now what did we do in return for them ? putting up some flowers in their grave and lighting couple of candles and showing sentiments aren't we.Now let may make it clear my dear friends that's not the only thing that we should do.Instead of wasting money and man power each Indian including me and you should come forward for the uplifting of this nation and that is exactly how we will make the martyrs proud.I Hope i was able to show you some light on this occasion and was at least able to spark a little of thoughts which i hopes may transform you let me conclude my words here.
Jai Hind.

Best Republic Day Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen a warm welcome to one and all and a very Good morning.Today i am standing before you to deliver some of my thoughts about the Indian Independence day.Yes we are celebrating it on the twenty sixth day of January from sixty six years.But, i would like to walk you through a little history which may be known to many of you my beloved friends and colleagues.Did you know that our first ever republic was on 1930 ? yes it was so only that is twenty years before the actual day.

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It happened when the Congress demanded the British to comply to specific requirements or India will be declared free by themselves under the leadership of Dr B R Ambedkar who wrote a new Constitution on his own with the visionary thoughts and wisdom, and he is the most underrated person in our country's history compared to all other leaders in our society and hopefully these days even he is getting proper attention from the vibrant youth who have good research and understanding skills.The Purna Swaraj act was modified under his guidance after the Independence which finally gained us this special day and a well established and effective constitution so far.I personally request all of you people to never oversee anyone or anything do smart work and have faith in yourself thank you.

Republic Day Speech For Students

Pleasant Day to everyone, on this auspicious occasion lend me your attention for ten minutes as i have something to say about what makes today special.Without a notice all Indians are aware of the thing that today is our nations day of Republic.But there is a layer of smoke that covers up many of our knowledge about it because most individuals unfortunately don't know exactly what difference it has with Independence of nineteen forty seven.Now i could see a lot of blushed faces and i am not surprised at all and i won't blame anyone for that.

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Now let us join the dots together and let me share what i know.Even though we were declared as an Independent nation our constitution was not framed well for the public during that time, and we know its not at all easy to set something like that for worlds second most populated country world famous for its culture and diversity from people to religion and life hood.Various important committees were to be formed and discussions and meetings officially and non official were to be conducted to make sure that everything is set.
The constituent assembly formed on nineteen forty seven had the responsibility to prepare it.These things should be familiar to each one of you my dear friends.Now i feels determined and to make sure that i won't get the audience out of their attendance let me wind up the conversation thank you.

And to add a little more information in case you are preparing your little one for a competition based on the republic day we have seen it happening in advance and added a cute video which will basically guide you as a tutorial on to presenting the speech for republic day, so take some five minutes of your cloak and pay attention to the video so that it would be pretty easy task to teach your kid on presentation of the speech.

And never miss this cute 26 January Speech by the kid which is good for school going students and those preparing for competitions.Dear readers its glad to know that you had a wonderful experience going through all these Speech On Republic Day which are in English and Hindi.You may feel free to use them at any situation according to your convenience and also make sure that these Republic Day Speech are shared in your circles so as to help others too overcoming barriers of communication.