Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages For 2016


Guys these are the best Happy Valentines Day SMS for the 2016 edition of lovers day.Romantic collection of Happy Valentines Day 2016 SMS and messages exclusive for all lovers around the whole universe.We all have a special someone with whom we are already spending a lot of time every day and night either together or via phone calls or the internet applications.And may be you are one Boy or Girl like me still trying hard to be successful with the dearest one.Whatever or whoever it is doesn't matter, but what actually matters is how unconditional and honest we are towards them since our day one.

Here in this edition we will rain over with all Uber crazy list of special Valentines Day SMS which are actually little hard to gather as far as quality ones are being concerned by you or anyone let it be.To let things move on much faster and comfortable for every romance animals we had spend some time in preparing the best ever Happy Valentines Day SMS which we are confident to be presenting before you lads in this lovely week dedicated for couples all around the globe.And since around one year we have been doing our level best and have been getting a lot of reviews from you the loyal readers, check out what we have for ya.

Happy Valentines Day SMS

And now lets move on to the proceedings which will really help anybody looking to have some real life heart stealing SMS For Valentines Day also useful for greeting cards and Status For Whatsapp and other apps like Instagram and Facebook too.Like almost every update from us our content will have unlimited opportunities for our subscribers so do enjoy this too.

Happy Valentines Day SMS And Images

Loveable Number is 143
Lövèåßlé flöwèr is Rose
Lövèaßlé Plcè is tajmahal
Lövèaßlè Då¥ is 14th Fèß
Lövèåßlè Örgåñ is HÉÄRT,
Lövèaßlé person is you and only you.

Its been years since we have been together,
days weeks and months passed away.
What keeps us together is pure love
My only wish is to be with you forever
and to have you as my better half since
the last breath of mu life.

I fell in love with you on the day that I first saw you.
Now, I am more than madly in love with you.
What have you done to me?
Whatever it is, I am enjoying it so much.
As the comfort i get from your presence is priceless.
Happy Valentines Day my dear.

You are getting more beautiful each day.
I cannot help myself to fall in love with you more.
I cannot let my eyes off you.
Looking at you makes me feel that I am so handsome too!
I love you!

Not only today every day is valentines day for me
and you are my valentine for now and forever
what more can i wish rather than being
with you in my life span.
Thanks for being with me and for
the love you sheds to me <3

When you say jump, I want to ask how high,
If you say, I swim, I'll ask how deep.
If you say run, I'll Ask The Distance,
But if you say, Go, I will say there is no way.
Because you're my Boo.
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Every time I Meet You My Valentine
I feel a little like a flame in my heart.
The love I have for you,
No one can puzzle out.
I Love You So Much
That I feel
There's Inferno in my chest.

Happy Valentines Day 2016 SMS

I feel determined today as i finished up with this awesome stuff because what i crafted now is gonna be used by so many people in the coming days and years which will indirectly make me a helper for all of them.Being said that i would also like to know what you guys felt about these specialist edition of most coolest Happy Valentines Day SMS and messages, let me know and i would improve anything that is possible so bidding you guys a great day ahead and all the very best and do popularize this on the media too.