100 Sad Love Quotes, Sad Quotes For Love Collection


Presenting Best Sad Quotes which you can update as your Whatsapp Status.These Sad Love Quotes can be used when you are emotional over love or life.We all feel very down at some point of our life, almost everyone will go through such situations and at such situations we will have to throw out our feelings to get a little relief or may be we want to let our lover know how we feel about him or her which is exactly why such a status is updated.Usually these messages are targeted for a particular person that's why they are know as hidden arrows shoot from one's mind or heart.

These are most suitable for teenagers who are in a relationship or are at the verge of a break up with the most special person who had been in their life.So i would recommend this article dedicated on Sad Status to anyone who seeks to get a little relaxed environment at the moment.We all had been into relations with a girl or a guy and are or was once so serious about it, but the person was not that honest with us which made us paranoid and we have lost our sleep and lost a little weight too.The time we spent on thinking about that special person oh man priceless right.Hmm these Sad Quotes of Love is for ya as you have been in such a mood and want to let your X partner or lover to know how you are at the moment use some of these.

Sad Love Quotes

Okay here they are and pleasure is mine for giving them for you lads :

Sad love Quotes

We do our part right, Won't expect anything in return and let KARMA do the rest.!!

No more flames, stubborn i stood right there, no room for fakers, either stand on your own or die as a Cow**rd

Fallen into a pit of sadness, now am hoping for resurrection.

Its never too late, I keep telling myself but damn everything's going down for me :(.

Yeah I regret for caring about those people who were only characters to me. I shouldn't have been open and sincere, a lesson my life has taught me.

You know shit gets real, when shit gets real.

You can change everything, the world is yours but you can't win over the TIME.

People change over time, i knew that fact, but i never did .... :(

When she says, she wants a guy like you but, You know that you are a guy like you :(

You look at me and think, "he's so happy' but there's so much behind this fake smile that you will never know.

Nails did not hold him towards the cross but his love towards us.

I just wanna die, Young as late as possible.

Being good is also a mistake now a days people will think you are fake.

Its okay i wouldn't choose me either, if i were you.

Merry broke as F*** Christmas.

Put the thing that kills you between your lips and don't give it the power to kill ya.

She's not changing her mind just because you put your Fu***** heart out as your status just for her to see.Get your shit together rejected Nigguz.

Eventually all your crushes will get married and you'll have new crushes who'll get married and you will die alone with 72 cats.
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Onto the last month of college, hurts more than a break up.Which reminds me, i never had a bae, whatever unfu****forgetable days.

The power in a relationship lies with whoever cares less. matter of time before people realize what power isn't everything.

The good the fat and the ugly.

Sad Quotes

Lost everything except weight.

I wish more girls were fluent in "I love You" too.

When everything's going to shit but you promised yourself to be happy.

That one empty red bull can is more precious than all the booze in the world.

Guess who misses your stupid A** all day but won't say it loud.

When the chemistry is gone, the history doesn't matter at all.

Leaving the same marks on someone else's arm.

You can find someone better than me, important or dearer than me but not the one who miss u more than me.

Farewell and mixed emotions.Lots of man tears shed and i just wanna shout out to all of you lads whom i love so disgusting much. <3

Escaping the debar list in the last moment means chillar party with the squad.

You listen to them rap, but deep down there you're sad cus it should be you.

With every unanswered text, another dig at the hole.

Big boy and i do it myself, see i only get undressed when the babysitter tells me.

And its a wrap, My happy days are officially no more :(

Leap of faith into the food, because i am gonna bulk me up with Fat.

If i am a Lame joke, why were you with me for all those good times we had.

Today my professor told me every cell in our entire body is destroyed and replaced every seven years.How comforting it is to know one day i will have a body you will have never touched.
They promised each other they will wait, 15 years later at their college reunion, He was holding a Rose, she was holding her Husband's hand.

I know what it's like to be damaged and humiliated by what i thought was love.I know what it's like to lay next to someone and still feel alone.

To tell her, one last time to not leave, " I am so sorry, please stay" he typed "You cannot reply to this conversation" Facebook texted back.

I don't cry, I am strong said the 5 year old girl, to the boy who pulled her hair, 6 decades later, "I don't cry I am strong" said the old lady, in front of his grave and burst out into tears.
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Things you let go, don't think of them too much because that will make u mad as hell, toxicity of which is unbearable.

If nobody really hates you, damn you are doing something wrong.

Life is a time killer when there is no memories to cherish, but memories never dies :(

I don't ask who is gonna let me but i ask who is going to stop me and my Love towards you.

When you care for someone more than they deserve you get hurt more than you deserve.

Like i said earlier i had delivered my promise to each and every special reader of my journal which obviously is my duty as the main editor of this blog.I hope that what i had presented you guys will fetch some comfort for sure.Let the Sad Love Quotes open the eyes of those whom were ignoring you since a long time all the very best to you dear friends.